Operation Policy

To order on doradora.vn website, customers can follow two ways as follows:

Option 1: Order online by following the steps on website doradora.vn:
  • Customers go to My Cart on the website, choose the product quantity and flavor to buy (Set 4 or 8 Dorayaki of chocolate, taro, green bean, red bean …)

  • The selected products will be put in the Cart, which lists in detail the quantity, flavor of the selected product and the total price of the order. Customers can change the selection (add, remove Dorayaki).

  • Once the order has been completed, customers scroll down to the bottom of the page and select “Proceed to checkout”.

  • At the Personal Information section, customers put the necessary information including: Full name, address, province / city, phone number, email (Or login account with full information).

  • In the “Your order” section on the Payment page, customers check the order last time and choose the form of payment by card or cash. After confirming the correct information, Customers tick the box “I agree with the above terms” and click “Order” to order confirmation system.

  • The system will send an email to the customer within 10 minutes and Customer Service will contact you to confirm within 30 minutes from the time the customer selects the order button on the website.

Option 2: Call the hotline 0909 995 283:

Customers contact the hotline for Customer Service staff to advise or record orders.

 Customers order the product they want to order (Set 4 / Set 8) and the taste of the Dorayaki. The Customer will provide delivery information including: Full name, address, telephone number, other delivery requirements (if any).

  Dora Dora employees receive orders, confirm orders and deliver dorayaki within 2-4 days from the time of order receipt.

* Note: When ordering on doradora.vn website, Customers understand and accept the following conditions / notes.

  • Dora Dora will deliver Dorayaki on Tuesday – Thursday – Saturday, specifically:

Orders placed on Saturday – Sunday – Monday will be delivered on Tuesday

Orders placed on Tuesday – Wednesday will be delivered on Thursday

Orders placed on Thursday and Friday will be delivered on Saturday

Dora Dora only accepts orders of at least 4 Dorayaki, in a set of 4 Dorayaki / 8 Dorayaki. Dora Dora doesn’t accept orders less than 4 Dorayaki.

– Due to fresh-baked, no preservatives will be used. Please consume the product within 7 days of receiving the cake (for Taro / Green Bean / Red Bean) and 20 days (for Chocolate)


Return / Refund Policy

I. Policy to exchange and return Dorayaki

1. Products are damaged, expired or deformed during transportation. (not the fault of the receiver)
2. Actual products do not match the parameters such as size, color, shape, quantity … like the product that the customer has ordered.
3. The product does not match the information posted on the website such as images, colors, ingredients ….

II. Regulations on exchange Dorayaki:

1. When the customer receives the products that qualify the return/refund Policy, the customer asks the shipper to confirm the status of the product, then contact the Customer Service department of doradora.vn via hotline 0909 995 283. We will confirm customer feedback to make changes, return products.
In case of being unable to contact the hotline due to overload, please send feedback to email dauhudoremon.bcarry@gmail.com, attach the status image and state the cake issue. Within 24 hours, Dora Dora staff will contact you with product complaints and refund (if the complaint is reasonable).
2. The product must be in its original shape, original package when the customer receives it.
3. The product has no signs of use. In case the product has a wrong taste compared to the product you have ordered (detected after use), we only accept returns if the product is still kept for inspection. If used up, we reserve the right to refuse to exchange.



1.Delivery process

After receiving the order, the system will send an email to the customer order within 10 minutes and Customer Service staff will contact you to confirm within 30 minutes from the time the customer selects the order button on the website. After successful confirmation, Dora Dora will pack and ship the product.

2. Forms of transportation:

Company staff will deliver products to customers in the city. Ho Chi Minh City within 2-3 days after the customer service department confirmed the order.


Liên hệ

  • (028) 39 257 015
  • dauhudoremon.bcarry@gmail.com.
  • 148B Ly Chinh Thang, Ward 7, Dis. 3, HCM city